About Polyanthi


Hi, I'm Francesca, the founder and owner of Polyanthi. Polyanthi is 'πολύς ἄνθος' Ancient Greek for 'many flowers'. I'm a florist who is not only obsessed with flowers, plants and nature but the range of colours our world comes in. If I was to choose an era to be alive in, I think it would have to be the 60's and the 70's because of the variety of vivid colours, fun shapes and textures used. These are the fundamental principals I apply to each bouquet and flower installation I create.

After a long week of 'flowering' in my Vaucluse store, you'll find me trying out new Sydney restaurants or whipping up a 3 course dinner at home for friends. Since I was 8, I've been hanging out in my father's restaurants and only left the hospitality industry in 2016 so good food and wine is paramount in my life!

My granny in New Zealand was a florist and champion gardener, I like to think she's watching over my shoulder each day. In store you may also notice the Greek antiques and ceramics I use to decorate my store, including big copper pots used in the 1920's to make moonshine. Greece is one of my favourite places and if I could have it my way, I'd be flying to the Greek Islands every weekend! If only they were closer... 

Since becoming a florist in 2016, my world changed for the better. I was able to transfer my hard working skills from hospitality to the floral world and I wouldn't have it any other way. The incredible amount of flowers and foliages we produce in Australia is such a blessing and I feel so lucky to be a florist in Sydney. We have so many amazing farmers who work harder than anyone I have ever met. 

And so, now you know a few things about me, please drop in to the store or give me a call so I can get to know what flowers are about for you.